(1) Spassky,Boris V (2660) - Fischer,Robert James (2785) [A77]

1.d4 Cf6 2.c4 e6 3.Cf3 c5 4.d5 exd5 5.cxd5 d6 6.Cc3 g6 7.Cd2 Cbd7 8.e4 Fg7 9.Fe2 0-0 10.0-0 Te8 11.Dc2 Ch5
The novelty introduced by Fisher borrowed from Dragoljub Velimirovic,

12.Fxh5 gxh5 13.Cc4
[13.Cf3 Ce5 14.Rh1 Cxf3 15.gxf3 Fd7 16.Tg1 Rh8 17.Fg5 Ff6 18.f4 Fxg5 19.fxg5 De7 20.f3 Tg8 21.Ce2 h6 22.Dc3+ Rh7 23.gxh6 Rxh6= ]

13...Ce5 14.Ce3 Dh4?
This doesn't look too good, but Spasski missed the correct move. [14...a6 15.a4 (15.f3 b5 16.Ce2 h4= ) 15...Cg4= ]

Leaves g4 square open for black knight [15.f3 De7 (15...Df6 16.a4 Fd7 17.Fd2 Tac8 18.Rh1 a6 19.a5 Fh6 20.h3 Fxe3 21.Fxe3 Fb5 22.Tfd1 Dg7 (22...Ta8 23.f4 Cd7 24.Te1 Rh8 25.Ta3 Dg6 (25...Fc4 26.e5+- ) 26.Tb3 b6 27.axb6 Cxb6 28.Cxb5 axb5+- ) 23.Fg1 f6 24.f4 Cg6 25.Fh2 De7 26.Df2 Tcd8 27.Ta3 Dd7 28.Df3 h4 29.Tb3 Te7 30.f5 Ce5 31.Fxe5 Txe5 32.Dg4+ Rh8 33.Dxh4+- ) 16.a4 Fd7 17.Fd2 b6 18.Tae1 h4 19.Cb5 a6 20.Cc7 Fxa4 21.Dxa4 Dxc7 22.Dc2 b5 23.Cf5 Dd8 24.f4 Cg6 25.Cxg7 Rxg7 26.Te3 b4 27.Th3 Rh8 28.f5 Ce5 29.Tf4 f6 30.Tfxh4+/= ]

15...Cg4 16.Cxg4
[16.h3 Cxe3 17.Fxe3= The pair of bishop is gone]

Black pawn structure is back to normal

17.Ff4 Df6 18.g3
This move is often quoted as a bad one. I can't real find why.

18...Fd7 19.a4 b6 20.Tfe1 a6
Here game is almost equal with a very slight advantage to black -0.16/31

-0.50/28 [Houdini 3 x64: 21.Ta3 Dg6 -0.16/31 22.Tb3 Teb8 23.De2 Fd4 24.Dd3 Fxc3 25.Txc3 Fxa4 26.Dd2= ]

-0.43/28 22.Tae1 -0.47/29 Dg6 -0.59/28 23.b3 -0.42/29 Te7 -0.47/30 24.Dd3 -0.43/32 Tb8 -0.49/30 25.axb5=/+ -0.62/31 [Houdini 3 x64: 25.Dd2 Tbe8 26.axb5 Fxc3 27.Dxc3 Fxb5 28.Te3 Txe4 29.Dc2 Txe3 30.Dxg6+ hxg6 31.Txe3 Txe3 32.fxe3 c4 33.bxc4 Fxc4 34.e4 Fd3 35.e5 dxe5 36.Fxe5 a5 37.Rf2 Fe4 38.d6 Fc6 39.Re3 Rf8 40.Rf4 Fd7 41.Re4 a4 42.Fb2 Fe6 43.Rd4 Re8 44.Rc5 Rd7 45.Fc1 Fb3=/+ -0.49/30 ]

-0.52/29 26.b4 -0.67/31 c4 -0.69/32 27.Dd2 -0.74/32 Tbe8 -0.83/30 28.Te3-/+ -1.45/30 [Houdini 3 x64: 28.e5 dxe5 29.Fg5 f6 30.Fe3 Tf7 31.Ta1 f5 32.Fc5 f4 33.Ce4 Td8 34.Cd6 Tff8 35.De1 Tf6 36.Ce4 Ta6 37.Tea2 Fc8 38.Txa6 Fxa6=/+ ]

-1.44/29 29.T3e2 -1.85/31 [29.Td1 Fxc3 30.Dxc3 Txe4 31.Txe4 Txe4 32.Ta1 Df5 33.Ta8+ Te8 34.Txe8+ Fxe8 35.f3 Dxd5 36.Fh6 De5 37.Dxe5 dxe5 38.Rf2 Fc6 39.fxg4 hxg4-/+ ]

-0.83/31 [Houdini 3 x64: 29...Fxc3 30.Dxc3 Txe4 31.Txe4 Txe4 32.Ta1 Df5 33.Ta8+ Te8 34.Txe8+ Fxe8 35.f3 Dxd5 36.Fh6 De5 37.Dxe5 dxe5 38.Rf2 Fc6 39.fxg4 hxg4-/+ ]

-0.82/32 Rg8 -0.16/39 31.T3e2 -1.88/32 [31.e5 dxe5 32.T3e2 h4 33.Fg5 hxg3 34.fxg3-/+ ]

-1.89/30 32.Dxc3 -1.75/31 Txe4 -1.72/33 33.Txe4 -1.67/30 Txe4 -1.69/31 34.Txe4 -1.53/33 [34.Ta1 Df5 35.Ta8+ Te8 36.Txe8+ Fxe8 37.f3 Dxd5 38.Fh6 De5 39.Dxe5 dxe5 40.Rf2 Fc6 41.fxg4 hxg4-/+ ]

-1.52/35 35.Fh6 -1.49/36 Dg6 -1.61/34 36.Fc1 -1.71/34 [36.Fd2 f6 37.De3 Rf7 38.Da7 Db1+ 39.Rg2-/+ ]

-1.56/35 37.Rf1?-+ -1.91/34 [Houdini 3 x64: 37.De1 f6 38.Fd2 Dh7 39.De3 Rf7 40.Da7 Db1+ 41.Rg2 Df5 42.Rf1 Rg6 43.Dd4-/+ ]

-1.83/33 38.Re2?-+ The last two white moves expose the white king -2.66/34 [Houdini 3 x64: 38.Re1 Fg6 39.f3 gxf3 40.Rf2 De4-+ Slightly better]

-2.61/33 39.De3 -2.65/33 Dc2+ -2.74/33 40.Dd2 -2.77/33 Db3 -3.51/33 41.Dd4??-+ Enormous blunder -11.66/24 [Houdini 3 x64: 41.Re1 c3 42.Dg5+ Fg6 43.Dd8+ Rh7 44.Dxd6 c2 45.Df4 Dxd5-+ Position is certainly lost but it will take a little longer]

Spasski resigned after this move. Game was lost: -11.45/25

42.Re1 Dxb4+ 43.Rd1 Db3+ 44.Re1 b4 45.Fb2 c3 46.Dxd3 Dxb2
Nothing can stop the black b and c pawns 0-1